My mother’s Shit zu came to live with me because she could not keep her where she is living now.  Sydney is 11 years old, sweet, active.  She got along well with my other pets. The local shelter I sometimes foster for  asked me to work with a beautiful Akita mix named Liberty. She was 1 year old, badly abused, very friendly, proud, but frightened, food aggressive; terrified of men.. They had had her nearly a year and since my 2nd Collie in a year had just died of nasal cancer I agreed. I kept her and she has adopted my Pomeranian and last Collie, loves my grandkid,. hates Sydney. For the past year Sydney would growl and bite Liberty, with no response from Berty. Last summer she’d had enough and attacked the little dog. Fortunately I was there, but it was a bloody, terrifying fight. Sydney was badly bitten around her neck and head and ended up in the hospital. I don’t know what to do. I try my best to keep them separated, but Sydney will go over, under or around gates and through crates, to get to Liberty. There have been a couple more fights, not quite as bad, but Liberty would have killed her I’m sure if I hadn’t been there. Liberty gets blamed for being aggressive, but she never once instigated the fights. She has never fought another dog. No one wants Sydney and Liberty will be put to sleep if I don’t keep her. I am extremely careful with her, but am heartbroken. One must go and either way, will probably end up being put to sleep. How do you choose? People say Sydney’s too old. They don’t want an old dog. She was a rescue, had had a rough life and can be obnoxiously stubborn. She’s lucky she’s cute. Liberty was already considered (unoffically) unadoptable. Now she’s on record as having attacked another dog. If she weren’t 30 lbs larger it would have just been self defense. I love the fact that Mark adopts older dogs. People don’t know what they are missing by not taking the older dogs. They don’t chew, they are already housebroken, they are quieter and very grateful for having been given a chance to love a good family. Hopefully Syd will find a good home soon. Returning Liberty or giving her away, with her “issues” isn’t an option. All things considered, I feel blessed for having had to opportunity to help with the shelter, although I can’t give money.

— Jackie from Danville, IL