I recently dog-sat for a friend of mine while she was having some surgery done. The dog was named Roo. Well two weeks go bye and she calls me up and wants to know if I could be his new owner. Turns out she never asked if she could have an animal in her rented home and her landlord threatened her with eviction if it wasn’t gone in a day. I asked my landlord and the answer was a resounding NO! Well to bad for her that I was on a month to month lease and really grew fond of the little guy. It was hard and financially crippling, but I moved out of my place and into a new one, just so he wouldn’t go to the pound. I had to change his name to Rooster though, a little more fitting I personally think. I have no regrets what so ever, as he is now my best friend and the best dog a person could have. Thanks for all that you do for animals Mark. If it wasn’t for listening to you and your passion for animals, I wouldn’t have been so motivated to make sure he had the right home…with me!!

— Benjamin from Colorado Spring, CO