Mark – We lost our 9 1/2 yr old Jack Russell Terrior today.  He died of an apparent heart attack.  Even sadder – we are getting ready to say good bye to our 15 yr old Pom who is having some serious health problems.  My husband – his master – was at work.  I suddenly realized Jack (Jackal) had not come in from the back yard.  When I looked for him I thought at first he was taking a nap in the sun.  Even though it was 40 degrees.  He had been barking at the neighbors truck and apparently had a heart attack.  My husband and I are heart sick.  For some reason, I felt the need to send this email.  I guess the reason is because I know you love dogs as much as we do.  And I feel you are a friend.  I listen to you every night while driving home from work.  I have had some wonderful dogs in my life, but no one compares with this Jack Russell.  He was beautiful, smart, and a wonderful watch dog.  We just did not see this one coming.  I think somehow I feel better sending this email – knowing you care as much as we do.

— Karen from Springfield, MO