We recently lost our 3 year old Samoyed, and I took his recently opened bad of food to a near by rescue shelter to donate it.  Little did I know it was the start of something wonderful.  With a sad heart I went in the back with the dogs for what I called some “puppy therapy” .  This is where I met my Frannie.  Frannie is a 2 year old female Mastiff that was rescued from a shelter that was going to put her down.  Frannie and I instantly bonded.  If love at first sight really exist it happened with us.  Needless to say by the end of the week Frannie moved into our home.  She is so loyal and well behaved.  This may sound corny, but when Frannie walks into the room you can feel the love as she enters the room.

— Dennis from Delphos, OH