I just had to put my dog Claire down this morning.  She had a brain tumor.  We will miss her severely, she was a stray that someone dumped by our cul-de-sac about 2004.  It took us about two weeks to coax her up to our front porch to eat she was starving.  Then finally one day she came up and jumped on our daughters lap and the rest is history.  She was a corgy mix, but a great dog.  She protected our yard like a watch dog whe would not allow any other dog to come on our yard.  She would get up to their nect and scold them and they would turn around and leave immediately.  She had her own chair trhat she slept in in our bedroom.  Not once did she ever make a mess in the house.  That’s just a short story I could go on but must stop.  We will miss her greatly. Old Claire -o-bear was a fantastic love of our life.

— Mike from Alvardo, TX