My heart is breaking today because I received word  that my beautiful, elderly Quarterhorse mare, “Black Beauty” passed away at my friend’s ranch where she was retired.  She passed away in her sleep, my friend told me, wearing her favorite warm blanket, resting on a bed of shavings in her cozy stall.  Beauty was a roping horse in her young years, then a backyard show horse for a young girl and when I bought her, she became a wonderful trail horse, carrying me on hours long trail rides up in the nearby hills.  When I first got her, she tested me and my skills as a rider. She leaped like a Grand Prix jumper over creeks rather than ford them by walking. Even though she was not a beginner\’s horse, she was gentle with our son who was just 3 yrs old. He is now a young man. I was blessed to have her and very blessed to have such a good friend to care for her in her retirement.  We miss you, my beautiful  girl.  Beauty was 28 yrs old.

— Christine from Moss Beach, CA