Zach was a blessing in disguise. Zach is the name of my Irish Jack Russell who was abandoned as a puppy. My mothers neighbor found him and asked her if the puppy was hers. She said “no, but if you don’t find it’s home, bring it to me and I’ll give him to my son.”
Within an hour the neighbor brought Zach to my mothers house. She called me and asked me to come visit saying she had a surprise for me. When I got there and I looked at him, I was in tears. Being an Army Veteran I have seen many things. I have never seen a precious dog is such bad health. He was skin and bones. You could see his ribs, and he had dandruff all over him. I brought him home with me and gave him a little food and water. He was so thirsty that he drank several bowls of water. Then he slept for four days straight. I took him to my Veterinarian to get him a checkup and his shots. I’ve had him now for well over a year. He’s nice and healthy. Zach is such a loving dog. He always sleeps with me. He knows when I’m having a rough day, and he will jump into bed and lay down beside me and put his head on my shoulder, where he sleeps all night. I tell him about me being in the army and he just stares at me and listens. Then he comes up and actually gives me hugs. He’s my boy. The best friend I’ve never had. He was a blessing from God.

— Steve from Ft. Worth, TX