I adopted Moses from the Animal Society–one month after losing a beloved Llasa Alpso–Rosie Sophia. She was almost sixteen and had gone blind and deaf and became severely ill.
I heard about Moses on the talk radio show and he had been found curled up next to his owner –by first rsponders and his owner had been deceased for five days. They said -when they entered the home they found him curled up next to her and he did not want to leave his owner’s side. He had survived for five days on only the food and water that had been left out for him. I heard this story and called my sister and went to meet him. I had told my son that I would never have another pet again–after losing my little Rosie. I decided to meet him and fell in love with his spirit and he is my best friend and I love him so much. I named him Moses Abraham Burch–because he is a true survivor.
— Jeri from N. Charleston, SC