Our little dog “Georgie” passed away Oct 15th. He was eleven, and his health had been failing. He had a good day with a trip from Texas to Oklahoma. He loved to ride in cars.

We were taking a trip to Kansas. Our Son, Jesse, was visiting a college. We left Georgie in Oklahoma with his favorite people, my Mom and Dad. During the afternoon, he seemed restless and went outside with my Mother and laid down beside her on the porch and quietly passed away. Our little dog, Tiki, walked over and laid his head over Georgie as if to say goodbye.

Georgie was a sweetheart and spent his last day with all those that he loved. He was buried in Oklahoma at my parents home – a favorite place of his.

He was my Son’s dog. We watched as Jesse tenderly carried his pet to a pear tree and gently bury him. That day, my son became a man.

God places these little creatures in our home to love, and they give so much in return. We will always remember and love our little Georgie.

— Karyn from Frisco, TX