A week ago I had to say good-bye to my best friend Freeway. It has been really hard I miss him a lot. I do have others to fill my time but we had spent so much time together through his 13.5 years. He was laying on the floor not wanting to get up,when I went to him to see what it was I could find nothing. I checked under his lip to find his gums pale.I really didn’t want to say good-bye yet. I tried to lay on the floor with him but he didn’t want any part of that.So I went to bed and was awaken by one of my others bark,as usual,wanting to go out. So I let them out and came back in the house and could not find Freeway my heaart sank. I heard a shuffle and saw him lying on the ground next to his outside water bowl. I again reached down to check on him only to be more heart broken. His gums were white now and his snot was cold. So I called the ER Vet and the said to bring him in. So I gathered him up all 67lbs of him and placed him in the car.I got there and they did x-rays and an ultrasound to find a mass on his spleen. It would be 2200 low and 3200 high for surgery with not much of a chance for a good quality of life IF he was able to make the surgery and leave the hospital.The mass was more than likely Cancer. So at that point I had to make one of the hardest self less decisions of my life and not let him suffer.So we sent some time together then the Dr. gave him two shots as I talked to him and said good-bye. I miss him SO much.It has been a week of loneliness.I know I have other dogs and I love them too with all my heart but this one shared so much with me. Freeway 4/22/98-9/18/11

— Sharyl from Monrovia, CA