A little over a year ago my son had a friend who could not keep her puppy, a pit bull/boxer mix names Faydra where she was living so we took her in temporarily. Faydra was still her dog so she would come and take her and see here and stuff. but in the meantime we were falling in love with her. she was so smart and friendly and playful. we have’nt gotten a dog in a long time because financially we were strapped and feel like we couldn’t afford one. Well finally my sons friend moved to¬† a place and she couldn’t have the dog there, so she finally gave here to us. we are so blessed to have her. she is a wonderful companion to our family. almost like having another kid around. and some how we are able to take care of her financially as well. my son helps buy food for her so were doing ok. now i would never part with her. Now she will be 2 next march. I think its terrible the way pit bulls are portrayed in the news. its simply not true. they are the most wonderful dogs ever. very loyal to their people and she listens very well.

— Darlene from Temperance, MI