When Aspen was 8, I found myself at age 30, almost finished with grad school, lease ending, car paid off, no kids, no relationship…just Aspen and I. We went on an adventure together and he flew all the way to south africa with me to spend three months on the beaches of cape town…he was quite a star there! We never went anywhere that he was not offerred some kind of treat. He was welcomed at the cafe’s and usually got a bowl of water before I was offerred a glass!

Later, as I returned to grad school for a phd, Aspen sat through many nights of writing and studying, laying next to me at my computer. We took an animal assisted therapy class and he passed his certification to become a therapy dog. He was 14 so I knew that he should just enjoy retirement.

He did very well until this past week, when he became sick to his stomach…three days later, he was not eating or standing. We were blessed to have the vet let us bring him home to be euthanized at home with all of his comforts and loved ones with him.

Thank you for letting me share him with you. May we all find comfort in knowing we are not alone in our loving and losing our amazing and beloved companions.

— Christine from Corinth, TX