My dog Cash is a rescue boxer I welcome into my heart a little over a year ago.  I got him from a local group Red Dirt Boxer Rescue.  As soon as he came into my life I knew I had to keep him.  About a month ago I finally got the diagnosis that he had Stage III Lymphoma.  He had his 3rd round of chemo today.  While I thought he was on the mend last week, he took an abrupt turn for the worse.  I am still hopeful we can get him into remission but the cost is really racking up as a small business owner.  Friends and family are donating to his treatment but ultimately I will have have to bare the biggest burden.  My desired goal is to get him into remission and share some good months with him, and ultimately get him to UNC for a Bone Marrow Transplant.  I love your show and your love of animals.  If you could please share Cash\’s story and get the prayers coming his way I would be so appreciative.  The joy of dogs is one of the things that has brought me through some very trying times.  And now I am relying on the stories and charity of others to get me through this trying time.  I am so thankful for you providing this outlet to allow dog parents to share their pet stories.

— Matt from Oklahoma City, OK