When our neighbors moved they very kindly asked me to take their dog -a little mutt of a standard daschund that I had played with for hours while working in our yard since she was a puppy. Of course, I agreed and we got everything set and all was well. Then, she was hit by a car and seriously injured. The car never slowed down or stopped, even though it happened right in front of our house.
During her lengthy recovery period, “Brownie” and I formed a very strong bond and it was as if we could literally look at each other and somehow communicate. She was a wonderful little companion and was just like a little member of the family with her loyalty and great sense of mischief. We were blessed with her company for 19 years. She passed 7 years ago and I still miss her so much.
It’s great to have a loving animal in your life, but when your pet allows you to come into it’s life, it is a wonderful blessing.

— Ken from Oliver Springs, TN