The Day I Met Nobody

You heard me right. Nobody. That was the name my coworkers named a stray beagle mix. Somehow, and why I don’t know, followed one of my coworkers to our job site.

I came into the office and was formally introduced to Nobody. I have to honest when I first laid eyes on her, I was not too impressed. I remember saying, where in the world did you find this ugly dog.

The days and months passed by and this ugly dog become one heck of a beautiful dog. She was gentle, warm, and so very humble, if one could attribute humility to a dog. She became so very special to me. In fact, I would take her on the weekends to my apartment, of course all with my wife’s permission.

Nobody stayed as the office mascot for seven years. By then, I my wife and I had saved enough for a down payment on a house, we said Nobody should come with us. Now I never did like that name for this “ugly” dog who won me over. In 1984 she moved in with us and became part of our family.

When we moved in, the name Nobody was forever gone. On that day, Nobody became somebody. She was our dog and very deserving of getting rid of that awful name. Her name was changed forever to Buddy.

Buddy’s gone now, but she will always have a special place in our family. I still miss her. In fact, as I write this blog, I have tears welling in my eyes. She was the best.

Buddy, this one’s for you.

— Robert from Queens Village, NY