Named so because I adopted him from the SPCA shortly after moving to Texas from Canada. Deriving from “Shikia”, an Inuit term translating to Most True Companion. And so he was for 15 1/2 years.
Shikean started his life as a homeless shelter dog, but quickly became known by all as “The King”. He was spoiled with love and returned it twofold. He enjoyed swimming the best of Texas ponds, lakes and pools. Hiking and running miles with me; sneaking up on the bed and couches (he ate 3 couches, not kidding) and most of all, eating – his single greatest pleasure in life.
As a young adult, Shikean required ACL surgery on both knees. He healed well and continued being an active boy. Into his golden years, we managed his arthritis and changed our activities to a slower pace.
Last saturday, our boy lost all use of his hind legs. We knew the time had come. We watched the sunrise one last time together and then I held him in my arms while he passed on.
I am lost without this precious soul. I look forward to a time when the memories bring smiles and not tears.

— MY from Frisco, TX