My best friend Sarge (my 12 year old German Shepard) passed away today this A.M. I trained him and at times I think he trained me,doesn’t matter we were best buddies. Whether we took a nap in the hammock under the oak trees, or he was under the car with me that I was working on. Sarge was also our baby sitter when my kids were out and about on our land, never had to worry he was right there watching over them. I could write a novel about him. However this morning, I told him I was on the way to get him some cookies at the store. Upon my return I called him he didn’t come to me. I went around back and he was sleeping under the oak trees. At this time in his life I called him “old dude”, when i did he never responded, he had passed on right there under the oaks. I sat down and put him in my lap and cried like a baby. It tore my heart out knowing he wasn’t going to wag his tail or give me a kiss anymore. My goodness God just took my best friend in the whole world. I know God had a reason and I’m not upset with the lord, I love him too much. Sarge didn’t suffer or loose any of his senses, so I’m happy for that. This has hit me like the day I was told my wife was diagnosed with cancer and had 4 months to live, tops. The parting of my best friends makes the rest of the worlds problems don’t amount to a hill of beans. Thanks for this forum Mark, and keep the fire lit on the political front. Sargent my buddy I will miss you terribly, when I think of you it will be a smile that comes to my face, and I pray you are in heaven with your mother.

— Michael from Macomb, MI