Puddin came into our lives by chance. I had just put our beagle to rest and vowed I would never own another dog again when this beautiful border collie mix came into our lives. She was abandoned by her owners but of course my heart melted when Puddin sat on my lap and gave me kisses. She was a wonderful companion. for many years. Of course good things always end and so did Puddin. She become weak and winced everytime I brushed her coat. When I took her to the vet I was t old she had Cushings disease. We tried to keep her well but her age got the better of her. We finally took her to the vet and at the age of 16yrs she was at rest. As I write this it is still very emotional for me to come to terms with this angel. She was the best dog I have ever owned and I miss her so. She was a love. I tried to replace my loss with Sophie an Ilalian Greyhound, and Sallie a mini Austrialian Sheppard. It’s been 13yrs since she’s been gone and I cherish the 14yrs I had her in my life.

— Nancy from Cape Coral, FL