Kobi and Dakota

Kobi and Dakota, our Miniature Schnauzers, gave us many years of love and friendship – Kobi 11 years and Dakota 15 years. They came into our family as our son’s dogs while he was still single. When he met his girlfriend, later to be fiance and wife and mother of 3 daughters, we adopted the brother and sister Schnauzers at the age of 6 months. We took them everywhere with us and they learned to enjoy all dogs and people they met. Because they were so well adjusted with other dogs and people we were able to have them stay with us at many hotels, even those that do not officially accept dogs. As Kobi aged he developed diabetes, within a few months he was blind. He learned his way around 3 different houses with ease. After 4 years of twice daily insulin shots Kobi started having frequent severe seizures from Cushing’s disease and we took him to our long time vet and he was put to sleep. Dakota looked for him in the house for several weeks – she then adjusted and lived a full live with us until she was 15 – a few months ago she developed a number of sores on her benign cysts and they would not heal and it was time again to have our vet step in and we put Dakota to sleep and join Kobi in doggie heaven. We have their ashes and collars in safe keeping and still think of them often. One of our favorite photos of them with curious cocked heads is posted with this story.
Enjoy your dogs, friends for a lifetime.

— Mike from Redondo Beach, CA