Chip, Simba, and Spike

I lost 3 of my dear friends all with in one year. My two beautiful 15 year old Persian half brothers Chip and Simba and their devoted friend Afghan Hound Spike age 12. My heart bleeds when I think of their timely aging deaths Chip was diabetic for the last two years, Spike so full of life leaping like a gazelle and so gentle with my aging never tugged on a leash what a guy! had developed problems. they gave me so many wonderful memories and I felt so selfish in perhaps prolonging their life – I spent as much time as I could through their last moments. I miss them I can;t say how deeply. They and my kitty 19 year old Dusty I lost a few years ago – they are akk my heroes. Never is there as much unconditional love shared as from a beloved pet. Thanks for loving your friends as much as I love all of mine over the years. Hugs to you from them in Heaven – I know they are playing there all together in the sunshine!

— Linda from Pembroke Pines, FL