Porkchop and Nelly Belly

I have 2 dogs, my boy Porkchop I received as a birthday gift (he came to me as a pup). I asked to diamond earrings from Tiffany’s, but I got him. He is better than any diamond. I would not trade him for any diamond or amount of money. Then there is my little gurl, Nelly Belly fully of Jelly. Porkchop’s vet rescued her. She was given up. Her age is estimated about 6-7. She had several medical conditions. The vet asked the local animal shelter if they would take her, they said yes, but that she would be put down in 3 weeks. The vet felt her medical conditions were treatable. At one of Porkchops visits she asked if I knew anyone who could foster Nelly until she can give her a clean bill of health and then put her up for adoption. I said well lemme see her so I can put the word out. My fatal mistake. I took her home 2 days later on Christmas eve 2010. I told my brother I was fostering her and his comment was “that dog ain’t going anywhere” , I told my boss and she said, “boy they saw you coming”. What do they know about me that I don’t? I offically adopted Nelly this spring. She is a pistol! She thinks she’s a pit! I think back at what her doctor said, the shelter would have put her down in 3 weeks. She would not be here now. But she is, she is a character, and she is loved, and spoiled rotten. Picture: Porkchop is the tan one and Nelly is the black and white.

— Patricia from San Leandro, CA