I lost my little boy on January 4th 2011. He was an 8 ½ red Miniature Pinscher named Mario. His breeder name was Brackley Sun Run Power Play. He came down with transmittal cell cancer. I don’t know how he got it. I wonder if I fed him something wrong…if I sprayed some chemical that harmed him. I had roaches once and I sprayed roach killer. Maybe some of it got on him. Maybe he ate something he shouldn’t of eaten when I let him out…I don’t know…

I wrote about him the evening of January 4th. I had the Vet put him to sleep at around 5 pm in College Station. He is buried somewhere near College Station. I don’t know exactly where because the Vet is a friend and she offered to bury him for me. I haven’t visited him. I don’t know if that would be a stupid thing to do. You see, Mario was my first pet…I made mistakes.

He was a wonderful boy and I miss him every single day. I’m almost afraid to get another one… I kind of feel like he is still around and he would be mad..lol..

Well…what can I write…to me, he was very special..he was very sweet..He was my little Mario….my bah bah booey… He gave me happiness.

Everyone knows about Mark’s dogs. Unfortunately, I live alone. I have no real friends. Few people know about Mario, but I bet few dogs were as loving and made their owner feel wanted.

I am pretty sure Mario said goodbye to me. I think he knew he was dying. About a week before I had to put him down we were lying in bed. He came up to me and got on my chest of his own free will. I don’t think he ever did that before. I always physically put him on my chest. He started to have bad breath from being sick. I sensed something was wrong. He started licking my face, but I gave him my hand to lick instead. I think he was saying goodbye. I wish let him lick my face.

I miss him so very very much…my little bah bah booey…I’m so lonely now…but at least my boy is playing with Jesus. I don’t know if dogs go to heaven, but if they do, then Mario is there.

— Fabio from Houston, TX