My name is Gracie and I just want to tell how sorry I am about Pepsi. I am the happiest go luckiest little Jack Russell in the world and I owe it all to you. Three years ago I was born at a puppy mill under horrible conditions. In fact time was running out for me because I was getting too “old” to sell in a pet store I was scheduled to be put down. Mark I was only 4 months old! Little did I know that my mom and dad were going through a horrible time themselves. their beloved Gena was in failing health and one day the seizures wouldn’t stop. Her left side was paralized and they had to do the hardest thing a dog lover must do. She died peacefully in mom’s arms. They were sooooo sad. Mom couldn’t stand it. Her arms and heart were so empty. She had heard you talk often of your beloved dogs and how you rescused them. How wonderful their were and what you had done to save them. So she went on the net and found my picture at an animal sanctuary. She fell hook line and sinker. Called the center and within a few hours I had a new home. I’ve been here almost 3 years now. Because of your advocacy for rescue dogs she choose to adopt a dog that needed her. See Mark you have saved more than 3 dogs you saved me. I suspect you have saved many, many others that you will never know about. Thanks Mark! I have to go now I sense that Daddy needs to give me a treat and scratch my tummy.

— Sue from Oakland, MI