I just finished reading your families story about the love and care you had for Pepsi and Sprite. What a beautiful story!

Charlie came into our life 7 years ago this August. She’s our first family dog, and she has completely changed our lives. We’re always together with her, and take her everywhere we go. We love Charlie like she’s one of our own children.

Like you, I work at home, so Charlie is always by my side. My constant companion who makes each of my days brighter just by seeing her beautiful face. I love her so much.

Recently, I’ve come to realize that Charlie won’t be with us for very long. The past 7 years have gone by quickly, and the next 7 will go by even faster I’m sure. Unlike our children, who we expect to live well past our own, our dog kids won’t. That’s something really hard to accept. We didn’t think like this when we first got Charlie, but we also never realized how attached we would all become to her.

Your story brought into clear focus the reality of this situation. It’s unfortunate, but it is what it is.

Your book helped to me to realize a few things. Enjoy the precious moments we share together with Charlie each day. And, even though she’s 7, it’s not too late to get her a friend like Sprite was to Pepsi. Finally, I realize I will have many of my own Griffens in life after Charlie. As hard as it can be imaginable, I know I will love again, but I also know I will never never never forget my Charlie.

— Mark from Huntington, NY