Today we lost our beloved little Shellie, an 11 year old Sheltie. Our little girl followed us from San Diego, to New York City, down to DC and back to the Bay Area. She was our baby before we had kids.
I also like to think of her as a tiny little American hero. We had moved to New York City in late August of 2001, when Shellie was just over a year old. Just a couple weeks later, Shellie was at my side in the West Village, watching the Twin Towers burn, then collapse. In the days at followed, I walked with her around Greenwich Village, and on many occasions, sullen New Yorkers stopped to pet her, and and have their spirits lifted by her cheerful, carefree gait and her beautiful black, white and tan fur.
We will miss her so much, but we’ll always remember her. God bless you, Shellie.

— Dan from Palo Alto, CA