Some years ago, I came across a West Highland White Terrier at the local pound I had just lost my little poodle of 14 years and was heartbroken. The pound was desperate to find a home for the dog, who I later named “Pepper”, as he had stayed the maximum time at the pound and was due to be put to sleep. It seemed no one wanted Pepper. His owner had to go to a nursing home,could not take care of Pepper, and he had developed skin issues, now cleared up. Pepper was an older dog, about 7 years. The owner’s children did not want the dog and sent him to the pound. When I went to see Pepper, I asked the attendant if he could open the cage for me, and Pepper immediately leaped into my arms—I knew that I just had to have him.
I adopted Pepper that day and he was a wonderful dog. I made some inquiries to try to find his former owner to let him know that I had his dog and loved him, but I was not successful.
I had my Pepper for some 4 years, until one night he had an unexpected seizure. I knew he was gone, but rushed him to the vet anyway, but he was gone. No one wanted him, but I did and I am a better person for having had him in my life.

— Steven from Decatur, GA