I want to tell my story about, truly Mans BEST friend. Barron was a 10-year old, one of a kind, German Shepperd Dog that I have ever had the pleasure to call a great friend. It was about 9-1/2 years ago that he was an unexpected gift from a rescue. We had to rescue him from a relative who fell on hard times and could not give him the proper love, home and training that he desperately needed and deserved. Full of intense energy, which German Shepeards are known for, I had to occupy this dog’s time with a lot of training and playful activity. One of those was catching a frisbee, and he loved it, and actually returned it to me. This was the start of a Man-Dog bond that was stronger then any glue. (I think my wife was a little jealous at times, :) We would go on endless walks through the park in our neighborhood and he would love to chase the squirrels in our backyard. He was the epitome of unconditional love and companionship that one would anyone hope for in a dog. We were truly blessed. I am saddened to say, this past Saturday (5-7-2011) we went on our last walk together. Has we returned inside the home, he collapsed, and had a seizures and/or a heart attack that caused him to die in my arms. Needless to say, this weekend has been filled with EXTREME grief for the whole family( with lots of tears shed, as a beloved pet has pasted to dog heaven.

I’ sharing my story of my friend you all of you, to help with the overwhelming grief and the healing process that comes with losing a beloved pet…

I love you Barron and I hope you have good days and restful nights in dog heaven…I hope to see you one day so we can continue our long walks together.

Rest in Peace my friend and my “Big Boy B”

— Matt from Lake Worth, FL