Kona Bear

Well my story is short by sweet. I feel my little dog was an answer to a prayer and I’ll tell you why…..
I was about to retire and being a woman alone but very active I knew I wanted a dog to keep me that way, like going on walks in the great parks along the American River and day trips to Bodega Bay at the ocean.
Where I worked I had a friend who in April of last year brought into work 8 beautiful puppies for sale and adoption. My plans to retire were for the month of December that same year. When she brought them in, my heart was pounding in my chest when I saw them. I was so taken with their adorable sweet dispositions and even more adorable looks. They were called “Havachon” puppies. I picked one up and my friends said to me “oh you gotta have one of those ,,,,they look like your kind of dog”. The problem was I didn’t have the money she wanted for them and it was actually too early for me to get a puppy because if I did that would mean she would have to be home all alone while I was at work and to me that just wouldn’t be fair to a puppy. Sadly I put her back in the basket and accepted the fact it was too early to get my puppy.
Everyone saw my disappointment, and I asked my friend if she thought her dog might have another littler of pups by the end of the year? She told me no because she was getting her spayed and she didn’t want her having any more puppies.
That was sad news to hear, and on the way home from work that day my heart was broken and I just prayed to God that I could have a puppy just like the one I was holding that day. No one knew how truly sad it was for me to let that puppy go. In the month of August I was having a conversation with my friends at work and one of them said ” well have you checked out any puppies lately?” I said yes I had but they were pretty expensive and most of the Havachons were quite a distance to travel to get them. You see I wanted one just like my friend had brought to work….that particular breed wasn”t that easy to find. As we were talking in the break room, my friend (the one who brought in the puppies) happened to walk by the table and I said “I want a dog just like her puppies” They all remembered what I was talking about. To my amazement she turned around and said to me ” Annie are you still looking for a puppy?” I said yes, but I want one like you brought in and they are really hard to find right now. Well she put her head down and mumbled “well my dog just had another littler of puppies and they are 2 weeks old right now, and she was not supposed to have any more…I just can’t believe it happened” Well to me it happened because God saw how broken hearted I was and how I begged Him to let me have a dog like hers. She said it was an accident, but I feel it was an answer to my prayer and this little darling dog is the light of my life and I could not be happier. First time I saw her she was 4 weeks old and I saw her once every week until she was 8 weeks old. The day I came to get her she was playing in the middle of the floor with 7 other puppies and when she saw me, she left her sibblings and ran to me. yep…my little answer to prayer……anyway that’s my story…..her name is “kona-bear”…and I’m thankful everyday for her.

— Annie from Carmichael, CA