Several years ago we had a Blood Hound named Casey. He was an abnormal pet to say the least. His presence bewildered our family for nearly a decade. From the nob on his tail to his cowardly ferociousness, there was rarely a dull moment. Too keep him from wondering into the street we tied him to a cinder-block. He chewed the cinder-block and had to have multiple teeth pulled to prevent his mouth from rotting. He didn’t like having his nails trimmed so the vet had to use anesthesia. One Thanksgiving he ate the entire turkey within 10 minutes, but he did leave the timer. He would growl at our guests at the dinner table, but if we lifted our hand up he would blink his eyes, look down, wait a second, look around, then growl again. When he would get mad at me for not letting him out within 2-5 minutes of his desired time frame he would go in my room instead. When he whined he sounded exactly like a bird tweeting. Kid you not! What a dog?!

— David from Sterling Heights, MI