On March 22, 2011 as I was preparing to go to work I heard our beloved pet Baby screaming in terror. I immediately went to her aid and saw two pit-bulls viciously attacking her. Without hesitation I engaged the two brutes to save Baby’s life. I reached to grab the first pit-bull to push it off Baby and no sooner had I don that the pit-bull attacked me biting me in the face severing an artery, arm, and leg. After fighting with the first dog for about 15 to 30 seconds I turned to the second pit-bull who had by this time pulverized Baby’s spine. I hit that pit-bull with all the might and force I could muster, it released its attack on Baby, and I was able to pull Baby out of the line of the attack. I then turned to the pit-bulls with full intent to keep up the fight, but they decided I was too much of a challenge and they ran off. My son, Erick, followed the pit-bulls as they ran down the street when they turned and charged and attacked him too. My son hit the pit-bulls with a stick and they ran off. I later learned they attacked a construction worker before Maricopa County Animal Control could apprehend the at large pit-bulls.
Baby was taken to the Vet, but her spine had been shattered in the attack and she was put to sleep. Baby was a rescue dog, and we had the love and pleasure to have her for over eight years. Baby was getting old, she developed Diabetes, was blind, but we were giving her insulin shots and kept her happy and health the best we could. She did not deserve to die that way. Baby will always be in my heart, and I fought as hard for her as I would have for my Wife, or children; she was our beloved pet and Family member, and I miss her. That first night in the hospital I had a wonderful dream of Baby happy in heaven. Several people have asked if I would get another dog to “replace Baby,” but in each case I said there is no way to replace a loved one. We have three other rescue dogs in our home, we love them all, and our home will always be open to rescue dogs that need a loving home forever.
The sad part of this story is the owner of the pit-bulls did not have insurance to cover my medical costs that are now over $63,000. I had to have reconstructive surgery to my face including having an artery in my face repaired. I am fortunate to be here because had the pit-bull who attacked me been 4 inches lower it would have severed my jugular and I am sure I would have bleed out before paramedics could arrive.
Fare well Baby, I will look for you when this life is over. I miss you.

— Dave from Phoenix, AZ