This is the story of Tatra. A 70 lb fawn colored male Greyhound with the Polish name that barked all the time. On Monday March 7th,2011 at 430 am our beloved Tatra crossed over the Rainbow bridge into heaven.Tatras journey with us began on December 2, 2001. After quite a long verification process this was the day Elizabeth and I were going to “LOOK”. I had my check book in my back pocket. I knew we were getting a dog. Elizabeth did not. We had decided we were “LOOKING” for a male brindle colored greyhound. We arrived at the NJ Greyhound adoption program, met Julia Heiney the coordinator, and also met about 10 greyhounds. We then started the selection process, and there was no selection that was needed to be made. This fawn colored male went straight for Elizabeth,  licked her face, and it was over. Thirty minutes later we are driving up the Garden State Parkway with Showtime. We quickly came up with Tatra, named after the Tatra mountains in Poland where my wife is from and Showtime was now Tatra. We settled in at our condo in New Jersey and let the fun begin. Although Tatra was crate trained , my wife quickly thought that was cruel and let him have his run of the place. He went where ever he wanted, kicked me off the couch, slept on our bed ,and barked when ever he wanted to. Greyhounds dont bark.Yeah right!  He was a tremendous animal though.Tatra told you everything. When he wanted to go out. When he wanted a treat. When he wanted you to move, so he could take your place. When he wanted LOVE.He liked snow, he liked rain,he liked cats,he liked other dogs, he loved everything. We found out after his passing, that EVERYONE loved him to.We relocated to North Carolina in May 2008. Tatra hopped right in my Mercedes SUV, and he was ready to roll. Always adventurous.In North Carolina we live near the beach. Tatra loved the beach.Our new friends loved Tatra,and he loved them. He made many canine friends as well. He was a very popular guy! We gave him a decade of tremendous life and love. He gave us everything and more. A lifetime of memories to come that will light up our lives. Tatra taught us lessons as well. Elizabeth and I have become much closer, however the empty house is almost unbearable. We had Tatra cremated and we have his spirit very close to us in our bedroom. I know he is laughing at Elizabeth and I ,and I hope he is not watching us. You know what I mean.LOL. Our friends and family feel our anguish as well.Elizabeth and I have learned so many valuable things from Tatra we cannot even put it into words. We miss him so very, very much, and are looking forward to the day we feel healed and ready to save one of these tremendous creatures and open our hearts and home to another dog.

— Scott & Elizabeth from Leland, NC