My wife and I had recently moved to Florida and were enjoying our first visit from our five year old granddaughter Makayla. She had mentioned to my wife that since she was no longer working, she needed to get a dog to keep her company during the day while I was at work. My wife agreed and they went to the local animal shelter to look for a pet to adopt.
When they arrived they picked out three dogs to meet in the “greeting rooms”. Two labs and a beagle cocker spaniel mix named Augustus. Both of the labs were nice friendly dogs. Both were well trained and good with children. However the little black cocker was a little different. He was nine years old according to the information and many people were passing him by saying things like “he’s too old” and “we need to look for a puppy”. My granddaughter was very drawn to this little 26lb dog and at first my wife tried to explain to her that it might be better to look for a younger dog that would want to run, play with her. Makayla was firm in her conviction and insisted that she get to meet “Gus” in person. The labs were first to come into the room and they were both very well behaved. My wife had decided she wanted to get the Brown lab named Cocoa, but there was still one dog to see, Mr. Gus.
Gus walked calmly into the room, looking like a wise old man with his graying beard and feet. He looked at everyone sitting in their chairs and sauntered slowly over to Makayla. Without warning he simply leapt into her lap and sat down. Makayla began giggling and petting Gus. It was clear from that moment on that the choice was no longer ours, Gus had chosen us.
We have had Gus now for about eight months and my wife absolutely loves him. Everyone that comes over to our house comments on how calm and pleasant he is. He’s not a “kisser” but he does enjoy cuddling up next to you on the couch for one of his many daily naps.
I often wonder about Gus’ life before he came to join our family. Also, I wonder how anyone could have brought such a wonderful, loyal and intelligent animal to a dog shelter. The odds were clearly against Gus ever getting out of that situation with his life, but thankfully a little girl saw more in an old dogs eyes that others could, and that dog was smart enough to see that she held the key to happiness for him.

— Pete from Miami, FL