I just wanted to share with you my precious girl Doozie, who I lost yesterday 2/20/11. I got my little girl as a baby 3 months old. She is a salt/pepper Min Schnauzer (picture shown of her as a baby). Almost 11 years later to the date, I lost my baby. Everyone that knows me knew that Doozie was so attached to me. She followed me everywhere (unless she saw a rabbit to chase, lol). She has had numerous issues over her life from allergies, losing an eye due to chronic dry eye, Cushings, and later diabetes, of which she went blind all together. Yesterday, she stopped eating and just went into a world of her own. I was going to wait to take her to our regular Vet today (Monday) but at 4pm, when she started moaning in pain, I just knew she needed emergency attention. Upon reaching the 24hr vet hospital, they informed me that her lungs were full of fluid, that her glucose had spiked and that they believed she had a tumor in her brain by her random eye movement. I knew right then that it was “time”. It was all so sudden and quick, but as I told her what a good girl she was and that I will always be with her she went peacefully in my arms. Mark, as you know that is probably the hardest moment of one’s life. I always dreaded that day I would have to part this world with my beloved Doozie. I feel a little bit of her soul went into me and my husband as she went. I feel her in my heart and soul. I just wanted to share with you, since I read Rescuing Sprite and how much I adore you and your program. I knew you would understand my grief.

— Kimberly from Scottsdale, AZ