Baby Dumplin’

My husband and I were in Tennessee. Where we were staying at, you have to take your garbage to the local DUMP. So when we took our garbage to the DUMP a tiny puppy came running up to me. The man who worked at the DUMP asked me to please take this stay puppy home because all her siblings were hit by cars and she was the only one left. She was starving, had Sarcoptic Mange, had no hair, crusty elbows and crusty & bleeding ears. She couldn’t stop scratching herself. It was so sad. We took her to the local vet and fixed her up. My husband named her BABY DUMPLIN’ because she was from the DUMP. Being a “southern” puppy he thought DUMPLIN’ was appropriate. She looks like a small Doberman mix. Her cheeks have golden heart shapes next to her black hair. She is the most friendly puppy and we love our gift from God. I don’t know how to put a photo, but she is beautiful and healthy now and 9 months old. That is my story.

— Nancy from Crown Point, IN