thank you Mark for your love of animals and support of shelter animals and my condolences on the passing of Griffen. I have a number of dogs and cats all from shelters.
I really want to thank you for your book Rescuing Sprite. I had a dog who passed 8/17/09 and though I love all my animals, Molly, a black lab was to me one who I had a connection that I can’t explain. She got sick that summer and I knew we could not save her. It broke my heart to a depth that I had never felt before.As her last days were coming I read your book and it struck me in a profound way, it helped me accept and understand that I was going to lose my best friend that I had ever had. I will never be able to explain the comfort that your story gave me. Molly will live forever in my heart and thanks to you it enabled me to realize that it was okay to acknowledge the loss.
Thanks Mark!

— James from Colorado Springs, CO