While walking down the street in Sunny Side Gardens, Queens NY, I came across some kids playing with a bag, curious in the way they were playing I asked if I could see what was in the bag. Well it was two little kittens about 2 weeks old. I asked the kids where did you find them? They took me to the place which was near the Long Island Rail Road. We put the kittens back so that the mother would come back and feed them.

The next day I went back several times to check and found that there was only one kitten there. The mother did not come back for him. That night I realized that the mother was not returning. I decided to rescue the kitten, I named him Minouche. I had to get up at night every 2 hours to bottle feed him.

Minouche was a talker and lived a beautiful, happy and healthy life. He played in the back yard in Park Slope, running and climbing the tree.  He became very attached to my Westie Sasha.

Except for being neutered, he never had any shots and never was sick. The doctor that neutered Minouche 21 years ago saw him for the second time last spring, when he diagnosed him with kidney problems.

My baby Minouche died in my arms last night at home, February 10, 2011 He had been under the care of a QRA Practitioner.

I called Minouche the love of my life, it going to be hard without Minouche. I will miss him forever. He leaves behind 4 brothers and 3 sisters all rescued from the streets of New York.

— Britt from New York, NY