This has to be one of the hardest things ever to write, although I do it for a living. Our beloved Yorkie of only three years, Tommy, passed in his sleep in the early morning hours on January 22 2011. We’re not sure what caused his passing, but God decided the time was his to call him home.

The three years we had with Tommy were funny and fun. Whenever he’d want to play, he’d jump as high as he could to get a toy and couldn’t stop going across the kitchen floor because he’d run to fast. He was nicknamed “Nubtail” since he had a clipped tail since he came to us. My daughter paid $300 to adopt him from a family who mistreated him, and he came to us with matted, flea-infested fur, undernourished, scared, withdrawn and suspicious. He’d gotten to know us and in short time, would sleep with us on our bed or our ten son’s bed, would sleep with our daughter when she came to visit, and get up on the couch or chairs whenever he wanted to, as this picture shows.

This is my 2nd dog I’m mourning for, and tears are in my eyes as I type this. But our remaining two pets, Behr (an Aussie shep/collie mix) and Tesla (a black/gray striped tabby) will get their vet checks this week and after until God calls them home. I’m comforted that Tommy is welcomed in the circle with Mark’s Griff and Spritey, as well as my husband’s dog Beastie and my dog Toby of long ago. You will be missed, Tommy. And my family and I were so blessed and honored to get to know the love you had inside. Have fun with the other dogs in Heaven, and we’ll see you when we get there.

— Missye from Gettysburg, PA