Nobby & Fabio

I have just finished reading your book ‘Rescuing Sprite’ and thoroughly enjoyed it. We have two English Cocker Spaniels (Nobby is blue roan coloured & Fabio is chocolate roan coloured) and they bring so much joy to us. We take them everywhere with us, they really are a massive part of the family. I used to think like you did about us having them as pets and after reading your book it makes me feel a lot better. I know that my two dogs have a very good life. They get fed well, have fresh water all day long, get lots of walks and certainly lots of love, cuddles, play and attention from all. My mum & dad have got pictures of all the grand children up on their wall and for a xmas present we had professional photos taken of the ‘the boys’. When we went round next they had moved the photos so that ‘the boys’ were in the centre place. I dread the day they leave this earth, but I know they have had a good life with all that we can give them without them telling us. I know they love us back as much as we love them and they love each other.

— John from Norwich, Norfolk