We just lost our precious dog, Monty. It happened suddenly, rushed him to Vet and he collapsed as they were giving him an IV. He was fine in the morning and gone in the late afternoon of congestive heart failure. He was 14 so we knew we would be facing this soon. Mister Monty as we liked to call him, was a rescue dog, mixture of beagle and daschund.

He was so smart, just ask him if he wanted to go to the park and he would go crazy. He would strut down the street, like he was the king of the neighborhood. He knew all his toys by name and never ripped them up or removed the squeakers. His favorite toy always with him was a hedgehog named Brownie and he thought he was a big deal, when he would squeak the heck out of the toy. Over the years we replaced Brownie and he was always excited with a new one.

His favorite food was pizza and when we would go out, I would bring him back a little bit. I always put it in the outer pocket of my purse and he always sniffed that pocket whenever we came home.
Always happy to see us, always wanted to be with us and he became a good little traveler.

This past year he lost his hearing, but never lost his spirit or spunk. He knew how to watch for the kitchen light to go on or someone to open the closet door that housed his food. Sat in front of window to watch dogs go past. He could hear me clap my hands and would come running.

So many wonderful memories and such a big loss. Rest in peace, my little Monty, you were the best companion, a person could have in this lifetime.

— Jean from York, PA