In 2001 I had the opportunity to purchase a German Shepherd from Germany.  I had just put down 2 in the past year.  I was heartbroken and really needed a new guy to help me through my pain.  After paying his purchase price and shipping fare off completely, August 21, 2001 I received the greatest dog I\’d ever owned.  Being a bartender and having to drive alone alot, Fento would always be with me.  I had to buy a new truck as he kept getting bigger and bigger and quickly outgrew my 1989 Firebird, in which I was required to take the T-Tops off as he grew so large!  So, I got a 4 door truck which comes in handy as I own 2 horses as well.  For 8 and a half glorious years we were inseparable, sharing every moment of our lives together.  Until cancer stole him from me at the young age of 8.  Having to put him down was the worst as he fought every second of the procedure, all while I sang to him \”You\’ll never walk alone\”.  I will never forget him and would give ANYTHING to hold him one more time.  I love you, my Toes, wait for your Momma.

— Nancy from Winnetka, CA