This is our Dog, Blue. She passed today, 1-11-11. All 1’s…and she was number 1. Blue was 13 years old, almost to the day. She passed in my arms, less than 8 hours ago. This is the first dog that we have lost; I had no idea it would be this hard. Everywhere I look, I am reminded that she is gone. My son, who is also 13, has never known life without here. They were best buds. It started snowing here right after I laid her to rest. She always liked the snow. I have a dog related business, and every week I have a customer that has lost a dog. Out of this experience, I think I will be able to relate better to what my customers are going through. I now share something with Mark, although I wish it wasn’t this…Both of our dogs passed within a few weeks and within a few miles of each other. I will miss you Blue, you were the best. I will never forget the joy you brought me.
— Mike from Warrenton, VA