We adopted our second Rat Terrier, Angie, back in September of 2009 from a RT rescue. It was my idea to get a second “Rattie” as a playmate for Chupa, our first RT we got as a puppy locally for our daughters 16th birthday. My wife wasn’t too hot on the idea, but when she saw a picture of Angie on the website, she fell in love. Angie was the second worst case of animal abuse they had seen at the rescue. I don’t have any idea what torture she went through, but we do know she was dropped off and left in a cage after hours at a California dog pound.
We went ahead and took a chance on her, so we made the trip from Washington to central California to bring our new family member home. This little dog has made a miraculous recovery from her past abuse in the years and four months since she came home to be part of our clan.
She is clearly my wife’s dog, but every night when we go to bed, Angie comes over to my side of the bed and just looks at me for the longest time, as if she knew it was me that picked her out for a second chance and is saying thank you.

— Kevin & Cassie from Vancouver, WA