I have listened to you for years, and always loved your stories about your dogs, and your devotion to them. I have been meaning to order “Sprite”, but never seemed to get around to it. This night before last I lost my best friend. A 75 pound Male Doberman named Pharaoh.
He was 9, but had his stomach turn over which is apparently common in large chested dogs. Surgery was an option, for 5-8 thousand dollars, which i considered even though I knew it would take me years to pay off. Then they discovered additional issues.
I have told my kids that if I get sick, no heroics. I’m 60, have had a great life, and when its time let it happen. Preserve my dignity. Then I realized that with regard to my friend, I was only thinking about myself, and how life would be without him. I had to let him go. He died in my arms while I stroked his head, and told him what a good boy he was. Its been two days and I still break down and cry when I least expect it. Damn I loved that dog.

— Larry from Bethel Island, CA