Our misbehaving, darling, sweet Maggie – a pure bred poodle who, if she ended up weighing more than 7 lbs., her breeder said we could take her back for a full refund – HA! – she soon weighed 11 lbs. and was the sweetest, spunkiest lil pup in the world. She was so averse to water, she would tip-toe, barely touching her feet to the ground if it was the slightest bit wet, even when running to get a treat or a love. Speaking of love, Holly Magnolia (Maggie’s full name)was such a love – as a toy poodle, she was easily excitable and loved to run around, but if you could get her to roll on her back, and patiently, gently, rub and tickle her belly, she would melt into your arms.
However, if you had food in your hand, she’d snatch it out and snarl and bare her teeth like a pit-bull.
the thing is, my darling Maggie, loved with all of her heart, and would wait every night for me to massage her every night before bed, I am allergic to dogs, less so with poodles, but still get asthma and rashes if i pet them…I suffered from my allergies constantly by being with Maggie, but I wouldn’t trade a moment I spent with my lovable, darling, “puppy” who was the first furry creature i could hold in my arms (my allergies are severe and I get asthma and/or very sick if I am around dogs and cats…My precious Maggie was the only dog I have ever been able to love and hold and she gave me such pure love…when I got pregnant, I couldn’t hold her without getting very sick with asthma, but Maggie understood, she took what love she could get it, and always looked me in the eyes with her true- look of love. When my baby was born, she would bark incessantly if the baby cried and look up at me with such consternation, “why can’t you stop this, Mama?!
I will love and cherish my special moments with my sweet Maggie and will find a way for my daughter(who is also, extremely allergic) to have the amazing, special relationship unique to man and dog.

— Lisa from Santa Ana, CA