Yesterday Highway passed away. He was eight days shy of his 15th birthday.
The vet told us they could not help him and we would have to make a decision by the end of this week. My husband had one final request and convinced me to let Highway go with him in the truck for their final trip together. He promised me he would take good care of him so I reluctantly said okay knowing that I would not be able to spend time with Highway this week. HIghway loved being with my husband in the truck and for many years they traveled together and Highway was a great companion. We retired him about 5 yrs ago and has been home until this past Sunday when we wrapped him up in his favorite blanket and he went on the road one more time. My husband said he seemed very happy to be with him in the truck and my husband talked to him constantly and made hiim comfortable. My husband loved thier time together-it was like old times. He was holding Highway and told him he was happy he was with him once again and petted him for a while. He layed him down on his blanket and within 30 minutes Highway had passed. He started traveling with my husband when he was 8 wks old and I know that in my heart that he was exactly where he wanted to be when he passed with my husband and in the truck. He was a Bichon/Shih Tzu and was a very handsome dog. He was smart, loving and above all a devoted dog. We will miss him each and every day and are thankful for having him so many years and are blessed to have him be a major part of our family. He was the best!

— Margaret from Mt. Jackson, VA