I am fond of dachshunds. After leaving the active Army, I got 3 to keep each other company while I was away working.
For some reason, Fritz suffered some of the same tragedies I suffered in my life, like me usually lucking out. I was run over by a drunk on my motorcycle and survived relatively unharmed due to highway bars holding the car over me. Fritz got run over by a fast moving car and was so low that he was only rolled and survived unharmed. I was drowned as a child and rescued just in time. Fritz fell through ice in a lake and I rescued him (recklessly risking my own). Fritz hurt his back escaping a fire that burned me. He was one of the rare recovery cases as was I.
Fritz loved his ball. I resolved to play fetch with him once to see if it was possible to tire him. We played for hours and hours-he won.
Some people could not imagine themselves getting such an unusual looking dog. You have to have a dachshund to know what great dogs they are. I would have never guessed if someone else had not influenced me to get one. Once they have one, many people never want another breed.

— Brent from Defiance, OH