We had to put our Daisy down in August. She was 14.5 yrs old, was a rot mix. She had hip dysplasia for about 10 years but did well on Rimadyl. Abruptly, her back legs began to go out from under her and we had to help her get back on her feet. The vet did a procedure (PRP injections) which helped a couple of days. He added a couple more meds which helped a couple of days only. Finally, she could not stand up long enough to eat or toilet herself, and we had to let her go.  We buried her in her favorite corner of our back yard. For 33 years of our marriage, we have always had at least one dog. I could not stand NOT having a dog. So, 3 days after Daisy left us, we went to the Animal Services of our county and chose 2 dogs to adopt: A 10 month old Rot mix, Mandy, who really resembles Daisy, and a 2 year old male Matlese mix: Percy.  While I still get sad about Daisy, reallly cumulative sadness over all the pets lost through the years, it has helped me tremendously to have 2 new dogs to love.

— Cindy from Ft. Myers, FL