My heart is broken and my soul aches. My little Daisy was struck by a car and killed Nov. 19th after she escaped out the back door of my home and charged into the road after a dog being walked. She died in my arms. I don’t have kids…so my dogs are the closest substitute that my wife and I have. And I can’t claim a monopoly on grief…my wife is devastated and inconsolable. But I just don’t have words to describe how much I hurt.

My office is in my home, so my four dogs are my constant companions. And Daisy and I had a special relationship…she always had me within eyeshot, and if I sat down on a couch or a chair she had to be in a position to lay a loving paw on me so that there was a physical connection between us. I worshiped the ground she walked on, and from her actions, I knew it was reciprocal.

God has His reasons why these things happen. I will never presume to second guess God. But in my despair, I have to ask “Why?”

— Tony from Clinton, MA