Texas and Olly

Hi I’m Nate and I’m ten years old. I have 2 dogs named Texas and Olly. Texas is a Chocolate Lab and Olly is an Airedale Terrier. I have a very funny story to tell you about and how we ended up with two dogs. My dad bought Texas for me as a 3rd birthday present. Texas has always been very energetic and lively. We live in a rural part of Pennsylvania about an hour and a half west of Philadelphia and when Texas was 2 years old he ran away from home and that is where my story starts. It was a fall weekend and my neighbor was hunting near our house and Texas followed him as he left at the end of the day. Texas is an outside dog and we leave him loose on our property which is wooded and not near any other houses. We have a wireless fence so Texas does not run off. This day we thought the fence was on and it just so happened that it was not. We looked for him for the next two weeks but to no avail. We placed ads and called the local humane society and police departments. My mom also called the local radio but after a month of looking we still had no Texas. We love dogs and had a big hole in our family so we started to think about possibly getting another dog. We found some folks on the other side of the state that had Airedale puppy that no one had taken. We made a Saturday family trip to get our new puppy and we had a blast. So the next few weeks were very busy with our new puppy. Well this is the funny part of our story. After seven weeks away from home we got the call from the Harrisburg Humane society and they had our Texas from 2 days after we lost him. We had not made contact with them because it is over 40 miles away. They had not saw the tattoo on his belly and when they spotted it they called us immediately and we went and picked him up. We were very thankful to have our Texas back.

— Nate from Cornwall, PA