We adopted Flex from a family member who came to live with us for awhile. During that time Flex became our dog, he bonded with us so strongly his owner didn’t have the heart to take him away when he moved out. That was over six years ago. Flex died today after having four increasingly violent seizures – this on top of his recent heart condition was simply too much and we made the painful decision to “put him down”. Flex was a Pit Bull cross, and he put the lie to the myths about these dogs. He was loving, gentle, loyal and never aggressed against anyone, never showed his teeth, never growled, never bit. And he loved the water, loved it to a point of obsession he would spend the entire day playing, by himself, in the shallows of our lake hunting fish, minnows, frogs or just swimming around. He was incredibly smart and really had a “mind of his own”. Everyone who met him he loved and in turn everyone loved him even if hesitant. His extended family was huge. We will miss him dearly for years. This photo is typical of him, standing on the dock, looking intently into the water hoping to spot a fish or a fairie or… who knows he never told us.

— Bruce from Ottawa, Canada